Nova® Collar

Nova® Collar


The NoVa® Collar with integrated leash is built to last: quick release Weinerlock® curved buckle, a handy nickel plated D-ring, Velcro® brand fastener,  awesome colors, and easy adjustability.

The secret weapon is the built in leash that wraps around the collar and is held in place with Velcro® hook and loop and a nylon buckle. It stays in place until you need it. On a walk and see a squirrel before fido does? Running in the park and see gaggle of geese? Want to grab a cup of coffee and need to keep your hound close by? Just grab the end and unwrap the leash and voila! you have a handle on your hound. This one's in honor of Yogi, the ultimate escape artist! Made in the USA. Guaranteed Forever.


One size fits most. The collar adjusts from 14" to 26", so everything from a small Poodle to a Great Mastif. 

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